This year for #MedComms Day 2018, we’d like to share how we as a Medical Communications agency help our clients change the world.

We have received many submissions from our teams sharing why they love working in Med Comms and why they have chosen to work at Caudex. There are so many that we are publishing them on our social media channels and hope you will join us there.

Please join us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram as we share our stories on #MedComms Day.


We are the #MedicalAffairs team. We work on exciting #congresses and live #MeetingEvents where we #collaborate across our #CreativelyEffectiveNetwork to help our clients change the world.


Claire works from home in #Spain. She also walks her dog on the beach and makes wine outside her kitchen. So there’s that!


Why I like working from home: As Ken Matos said, “People today really value workplace flexibility and remote work because it allows them to focus their energies on work and life.” -Rema Judeh

Please join on our social media channels (@Caudex_Medical) and tell us what you’re doing today on #MedComms Day 2018.

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