Publication Planning and Medical writing

The essential determinant of excellent publications planning is ensuring that key data, your data on a compound, reaches the relevant audiences – doctors, nurses, pharmacists, payers, carers – at the right time, so that they have all the information they need to make the best clinical decisions for patients in their care.

With a high proportion of CMPP™-certified staff, we are well versed in the ethical best practices necessary to achieve successful publications. Whether you’re working with an early development asset worthy of late-breaking abstracts, or a more mature product with a rich data pipeline to manage, we have the experience to help.

We see our clients as partners and we work with them with this mindset, supporting and reinforcing scientific integrity in the delivery of high quality writing and materials. In this respect, we are probably more bespoke than an ordinary medical communications agency. In practice, this means we actively seek solutions to resolve challenges in communication, whether from a complex data set, or a tricky concept.

We can accomplish high-end strategy by incorporating our Scientific Directors in to your global programs and our proprietary gap analysis tool can visualize and segment a literature data set so you can concentrate on what it all means. We can just focus on the tactical, delivering abstracts, orals, posters and manuscripts if you want us to, but strategic partnerships are always much more fun!

However, we are not a ‘smorgasbord’ of medical communication services; we will only deliver what you truly need – what we know is relevant to you and your audience and what can be driven by insight and evidence.

Our publication teams are cross-functional and their experience encompasses clinical and medical writing, health economics outcomes research, market access, regulatory, safety, statistics and R&D.

Fundamentally, we are a business that builds dedicated writing teams to service your needs and, as a result, we have successfully delivered work ranging from lay summaries to pivotal trials published in leading medical journals.

Putting it simply, medical writing is in our DNA.



Our core service solutions include

  • Strategic consultancy
  • Publication planning, delivery and management
  • Identification and profiling of key opinion leaders
  • Medical writing and editing