The Caudex team recently supported our clients at the biggest event in our calendar: ECTRIMS 2018 in Berlin. This year’s meeting had even more going on than Paris 2017. Caudex had 24 people on site, covering a host of activities from steering committee meetings, symposia and a standalone meeting, to booth activities, ‘Meet-the-Expert’ sessions, and even a special medical education Jenga-style blocks game. There was also a virtual reality mode of action experience and daily highlights videos playing in the shuttle buses. It was a really busy and exciting week that covered virtually every type of medical communications activity we offer!

Bringing all of this together is no mean feat, as Division Lead Kate Wright explains: “Consistency across all of the deliverables was essential to avoid confusing attendees, and with an event this large we had to make this a special focus. We had regular internal check-ins across the many workstreams to ensure information was being shared, and any feedback from the clients was rolled out across all of the deliverables.”

Kate Rees, one of our Senior Medical Writers also notes: “With so many projects in many different formats being delivered for ECTRIMS, with multiple client reviewers, regulatory steps and writers involved, ensuring consistency in both data presentation and overall style was a big challenge. With some nagging, good communication and a coordinated team effort, alignment was achieved this year, with big smiles of relief all round. This is a very important step in ensuring all compliance standards are met; that should never be overlooked!”

Client feedback was amazing and exceeded all of our expectations – the teams were really happy with the whole event and social listening data suggested that we had smashed the objectives that had been set out.

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